What is your race?

I have been put in charge of writing the marketing plan for DragonTech Writing. I am actually enjoying this process; even though, it is going to take some time and research to get it completed.

The problem is that during the research and learning about marketing I hit one of my biggest pet peeves. When considering your target market demographics, you need to analyze things like age, gender, race, ethnicity, income, education, etc. Do you see the problem?

Now, I could be wrong and my college classes at the university could be wrong but I thought there was only one race, human. I know there are millions of different species and several different ethnic groups but there is only one race.

How in the world am I supposed analyze demographics on race when there is only one race. I guess I could say something like, “We will be targeting the human race because it is currently the only existent race.”

Even in job applications, the company asks you to identify yourself but they mix race with ethnicity; sometimes, both questions have the same answers. If you are in HR, please fix this question immediately.

As far as I am aware I am human. No more and no less.


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